Características Principales

Sensor CMOS con resolución extrema de 24,5 megapíxeles en formato FX (35,9 x 24,0 mm)
Los megapíxeles de 5,49µ capturan detalles y sutilezas asombrosos con un sorprendente rango dinámico para aplicaciones comerciales exigentes.

138 MB1 Archivos de imagen de 12 ó 14 bits NEF (RAW) procesados
Posibilidad de elegir la profundidad en bits a 12 (4,096 tonos) o 14 bits (16,384 tonos), ambas con una increíble calidad de imagen hasta la escala de procesamiento de 16 bits para obtener graduaciones tonales más suaves.

1 Aproximación

Dos modos de disparo para LiveView
Dos modos para LiveView que añaden flexibilidad y aumento de hasta 27x en el modo trípode, y la precisión de enfoque fino se confirma con facilidad.

Sistema de AF de 51 puntos rápido y preciso
El sistema de AF cuenta con 4 modos dinámicos de AF, incluyendo seguimiento de enfoque tridimensional, para obtener precisión de enfoque automático y gran nitidez.

Pantalla LCD VGA de 3 pulgadas, súper densidad y 921,000 puntos
El calibrado individual de fábrica asegura la precisión del color de todas las pantallas de D3X para permitir la revisión de imágenes.

Control de imagen de Nikon
Cuatro opciones preseleccionadas: Estándar, neutra, vívida y monocromática, y 9 selecciones ajustables que brindan control del color personalizado y avanzado.

Ranuras dobles para tarjetas CF con opciones de reserva, respaldo y copia

Hasta 4,400 imágenes por carga de batería

Tecnología EXPEED de Nikon para el procesamiento de imágenes
EXPEED aumenta y asegura la fidelidad de imagen rica e impresionante y reduce el ruido, incluso con graduaciones ISO elevadas.

Sensibilidad ISO de bajo ruido de 100 a 1600
Configuraciones ISO incluidas de Lo-1 ISO 50, Hi-1 ISO 3200 y Hi-2 ISO 6400 para mayor versatilidad.

Disparos continuos de hasta 5 cuadros por segundo con una resolución de formato FX completa
La calidad de imagen comercial trabaja en conjunto con la velocidad y el manejo y crea nuevas posibilidades de disparo—en el estudio o fuera de éste.

Medición 3D de la matriz de color II de 1005 píxeles con Sistema de reconocimiento de escenas
Dos clases de tecnología exclusivas de Nikon ofrecen capacidades de exposición automática inteligente, una detección automática de balance de blancos mejorada y un desempeño en AF más preciso y rápido.

Cobertura de visor al 100%

Estructura de aleación de magnesio resistente, duradera y precisa
Protección eficaz contra polvo, humedad e interferencia electromagnética con un mecanismo de obturación con auto diagnóstico probado a 300,000 ciclos.

Indicador gráfico del horizonte virtual

Controles Remotos y Disparadores
Controles Remotos y Disparadores
Optimizada para el Formato FX pero compatible con un amplio rango de lentes NIKKOR.
4.8 5 130 130
WOW What a differance I own both the D3X and The D3S and wow the two gives me the low light with great quality and low noise the D3X has great resolution and a very large file to work with. Some of the prints that I do are 2' X 3' and all of the customers that see them are suprised at the clarity. I do rapid shots at times and the sharpness between frames is second to none. Both are great cameras and I won't trade them for the world. 21 de septiembre de 2012
Blown away, a work of art to create art. As I try to sit down and write a review I find myself asking questions of why I purchased this piece of equipment?, well in a nut shell from starting out in the Digital world with a Nikon D70 to a D200 then D3 and now D3x I find myself with a camera that has pretty much covered all the requirements needed to have in a photographers hands a portable Photo Studio and Lab, coupled to Nikkor Stellar Glass it is a winners combination in a DSLR 35mm format. I find myself having a little complaint with ISO that it falls short in the higher ranges above 600 starts to get pretty noisy in my opinion when trying to shoot natural light night short shutter duration shots, in that my older D3 out performs the D3x in higher ISO non noise issues but sacrifice the mega pixels that the D3x out shines in, if Nikon could have had the same ISO range as the D3 or the D3s has, this review would be much shorter than it is. I have had my D3x for just over a year and my D3 since April of 2008 and these two cameras are very well constructed tanks, yes tanks! they are very well constructed and will take some abuse in rigorous shooting conditions, from weddings to mountainous landscape shooting, and from very cold temps to very warm, and haven't had any issues with slow dragging shutters from the cold or electronics failing from heat issues. The controls are pretty much laid out great and if you have had any other Nikon Digital SLR's then navigating the external controls are no real issue, but sub menus are somewhat different then lets say a D200, the D3x just has more of them and choices to make in exposure and metering with to many to list here type of controls that will make you stumble backwards in a cold sweat at first trying to remember what control you just changed and were it was? lol but in no time it's easy to learn sub menus and how quickly they are to pull up. I cant wait to see the next line of Pro range camera bodies to show up in the line up, since the introduction of the D4, I wonder if a D4x will pop up with 32 mega pixels and frankly I really don't see a need to go to far beyond the 24 the D3x has, I am not into having video in my DSLR's but that is my opinion and don't see the need in this high end of a camera but for those who do, I think a D4xs version might be a good idea then? I can't say enough about this Camera body that others have already said, but if you want one powerful tool in your camera bag then this is the one. 1 de febrero de 2012
Incredible Image Quality & Wonderful Ergonomics Nikon user for nearly 30 years. I just love this camera, absolutely love it. Already owned a D3 when I bought the D3x, I find I only use the D3 now in extreme low light situations or when I need a super-high fps rate. Images are super-clear with minimal noise, even with 30sec or longer exposures. It is great for studio work, great for landscapes....... basically I have not found anything this camera does not excel at unless you cover something like sporting events where a fast frame rate or high ISO is needed. Image quality is second to none. In fact, as rated by the largest software developer of lens correcting software, only the highest resolution (costing $40K+) medium format backs score higher for image quality. This is an incredible camera! 30 de enero de 2012
D3X is easy to operate The D3X produces film quality. The image size is mind boggling and the ease of operation is so simple. I can operate the D3X easier than a P&S camera. Along with the use on Nikon Capture NX2 to process the RAW NEF captures is unbeatable. The D3X is as close to using a view camera as I have ever experienced. If were to compare the D3X to an automobile it would have to be compares to a 12 cylinder Mercedes Benz with all of the features in that high end model. 22 de septiembre de 2011
NIKON, GOTTA LUV EM' BIRTHING THE D3X! Once again, after 25+ loyal years owning/using and breaking Nikon cameras, Nikon delivers a gorgeous bombshell of a camera that Eva Gabor would be proud of! The D3X has given me another reason to officially retire my film bag, divorce my F4S and upgrade. After a two week crash course studying the manual and video tutorials, I used two D3X shooter on a five hour event assignment this past weekend and was amazed!! The sync ratio was seamless with my Acute 2400 lighting system and pocket wizards. I boldly used the N24-70/2.8G ED-If AF-S lens and couldn't put it down. My partner used the dedicated N180/2.8 ED, both cams mounted the SB900 which has great output in TTL mode and literally blew out the event room in M 1/1, I kept it dialed down to TTL and bounced. You may think it necessary to have a mechanical/electrical degree from MIT after reviewing the 400+page manual, but I assure you after focusing on the essentials you are in store for a pleasant foto session. Be aware of charging batteries on the rapid charger, proper storage (32gig compact flash cards are not cheap!) and mindful of your file format. I used Jpeg Fine M-medium and I'm extremely pleased with the file format outcome. I recommend using RAW only if you're session requires high quality low capacity shooting up to or slightly beyond 250 images on 8gig CF. Stay dedicated to your ISO and study your functions, preprogram you camera, test, test and test again before taking to an assignment! You’ll have WONDERFUL visuals and clients extremely pleased - All the Best Nikonites!!! 8 de agosto de 2011
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